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All our products provide excellent nutritional value,
high-purity, naturally low in undesirable substances.

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We offer high quality layer and broiler premixes. All our products provide excellent nutritional value, high-purity, naturally low in undesirable substances. You can be sure of a timely, reliable supply of quality animal nutrition products thanks to our partnership with with Adisseo (Nutriad), Provimi (Cargill), & Mg2mix, global leaders in animal nutrition and our other credible suppliers. Our Operations are guided by Integrity, Innovation and Renovation, Quality and Sustainability. Our personalized nutritional program is the ideal solutions to improve herd profitability and highly fortified products that result in precisely balanced rations to achieve optimum herd health and performance.


Nutriad’s TOXY-NIL® is our product for non-breeding animals (such as broilers and layers) and is effective against all common analyzed mycotoxins. The product contains bentonite.
≥70 {b3c0a2611d9be7294c14ca06d517915738f03835d8e07b06d7fe202ddddf776e} smectite (dioctahedral montmorillonite); <10 {b3c0a2611d9be7294c14ca06d517915738f03835d8e07b06d7fe202ddddf776e} opal and feldspar; <4{b3c0a2611d9be7294c14ca06d517915738f03835d8e07b06d7fe202ddddf776e} quartz and calcite; Aflatoxin B1-binding capacity above 90{b3c0a2611d9be7294c14ca06d517915738f03835d8e07b06d7fe202ddddf776e}. Reliable protection against low-level mycotoxin contamination. Toxy-nil is one of our 3 mycotoxin deactivators:




  • High Binding capacity (EU-approved ingredients that results in better efficacy).
  • Stimulation of bio-inactivation.
  • Stimulate the immunity



Rhodimet® NP99 is a white, flowable powder of high purity containing at least 99{b3c0a2611d9be7294c14ca06d517915738f03835d8e07b06d7fe202ddddf776e} DL-methionine and less than 0.3{b3c0a2611d9be7294c14ca06d517915738f03835d8e07b06d7fe202ddddf776e} water content. Rhodimet® NP99 offers a simple, easy-to-use response to the concerns of premixers, mineral feed producers, pet food producers and some feed millers. Rhodimet® NP99 is particularly adapted to premix and mineral feed where it can be added without quantity limit. Like any methionine source, it improves the efficacy of feed by playing a decisive role in:




  • Increasing the flexibility of feed formulation processes.
  • Stimulation of bio-inactivation.
  • Attenuating variations in animal production performance

Sanacore® GM is an innovative, natural additive to reduce the impact of diseases and parasites on productivity of fish and shrimp. It is a functional feed additive to reduce the impact of diseases and parasites on productivity of fish and shrimp. It promotes a healthy gut microflora and suppresses growth and virulence of the bad bugs. It makes use of nature’s advanced mechanisms, including natural anti-bacterial compounds and Quorum Sensing inhibition Technology.




  • Reduced mortality caused by bacterial (co-) infections and/or gut parasites.
  • Improved performance and productivity.
  • Reduced count of bacterial pathogens (eg. Vibrio sp.) and gut parasites (eg. Myxosporidae).

A complete range of solutions that beneficially interact with animals’ microbiota and intestinal mucosa, positively influence their immune system and oxidative status, to sustain gut health and improve performance. Adimix Precision delivered butyrate for maximum effect. Contains 30{b3c0a2611d9be7294c14ca06d517915738f03835d8e07b06d7fe202ddddf776e} sodium butyrate, what makes this product unique is its coating. All the benefits which can be associated with Sodium butyrate (better gut development, longer villi, improved tight junctions and even effectiveness against bacterial challenges) can only come to its full potential when you are able to bring the sodium butyrate into the hind gut of the animal. With no coating the sodium butyrate will be absorbed by the stomach that is why with our coating Admix makes the difference.



  • Improved animal performance (Feed Conversion Ratio and Body Weight Gain)
  •  Better gut development
  • Reduction of bacterial colonization in the gut

REVITAL®PLUS LIQUID is a liquid formulation developed to reduce or overcome stress induced performance problems. Optimal digestion and functioning of the digestive system is the key success factor towards healthy and performing animals.
REVITAL®PLUS LIQUID focuses on digestive efficiency, fermentation, Salmonella & Campylobacter control, balanced intestinal microbiota, antibiotic reduction, villi development and absorption improvement. Administration via the drinking water allows for a quick and efficient application.



  • Reduces of the negative effects of mycotoxins in feeds and feed ingredients
  • Improves feed conversion efficiency and production performance

Provimi knows that strong performance, quality products and cost-effective nutritional solutions contribute to profitable poultry production. The vitamin and trace mineral package that goes into the complete feed is the foundation of poultry nutrition. 


Why is Provimi’s vitamin premix foundational to poultry nutrition?

  • Provimi’s expertise in premix formulation provides an adequate balance of vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet 
  • Customized options are available for different poultry species and production stages

Complete premix:
Phosphate, salt, calcium, amino acids

Functional premix:
Selection of additives to solve problems

Nutritional premix:
Vitamins and trace-elements

Our premixes are developed from specific ingredients selected very carefully and tested in our experimental facilities in order to validate their zootechnical interest. Control and analysis plans are regularly implemented to verify the nutritional quality of our premix.

Rhodimet® AT88

Numerous scientific studies, in addition to field results in integrators and feed mills for more than 40 years are supported this 100{b3c0a2611d9be7294c14ca06d517915738f03835d8e07b06d7fe202ddddf776e} efficacy value.
All methionine sources available on the market (L-Methionine, DL-Methionine and OH-Methionine) when supplemented on an active molecule basis, are equally effective in improving growth performance of poultry and swine species.

Rhodimet® AT88 gives you more!

  • An organic acid with a pKa of 3.4
  • It can partially prevent broiler performance decrease in heat-stress conditions
  • For swine in specific nutritional strategies: improvement of sows and piglets performance

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